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Soy Wax Melts

Soy Wax Melts

Super strong soy wax melts, made with top quality phthalate free fragrance oils. 

Suitable for use in wax warmer or melter. 

Wax melts release fragrance as they warm and begin to melt delightfully scenting your home.

If you do not see the scent you want please send a message, I have more available than what is listed.

Fragrance description

Arabica Coffee: dark, sexy and alluring, this fragrance is sure to make a bold statement. This true coffee fragrance will whisk you away to the coffee shops of Italy.

Australian Bush: go for a walk through the Australian outback with this authentic fragrance with notes of lemon, pine and eucalyptus.

Baby Powder: a powdery, fresh blend with subtle tone of rose, lavender and jasmine with touches of soothing vanilla.

Birthday Cake: the perfect blend of moist white cake and sweet butter cream vanilla frosting. 

Black Opium: this is a sweet mix of coffee, vanilla, cream, orange blossom, cedarwood, and patchouli.

Black Raspberry Vanilla: a spirited combination of blackberries and raspberries head this alluring fragrance with pretty, white florals at its core, harmonised by resounding notes of creamy vanilla and luscious musk.

Blue Cypress & Jasmine: an Australian inspired blend of Blue Cypress Pine enveloped by rich patchouli, sandalwood and white jasmine.

Blue Sugar:  at the heart of this fragrance is a romantic floral bouquet with fresh green notes and rich patchouli. It also has an added vanilla base with soft musk and exotic woody tones.

Brazilian Bum Bum: 
A decadent blend bursting with alluring layers of Pistachio and Salted Caramel with a warm base of Sandalwood and Vanilla

Bubblegum: bring back those childhood memories with this fruity favourite. Sweet and juicy, just like the real thing!

Butter Beer: The goodness of sweet, creamy, delicious butterscotch, vanilla, brown, sugar and butter blended with malt liquor and hops. 

Buttered Maple Oats & Honey: mouth-watering notes of oatmeal and sweet cream butter, cinnamon, raisins, and honey, with notes of vanilla, brown sugar, and maple.  

Cedarwood & Leather: a rich, deep fragrance of timber, smoke and a touch of new leather

Chamomile & Grapefruit: Zesty lime and bergamot are layered with floral hints of chamomile and hyacinth, finished with everlasting sandalwood and leafy green notes.

Christmas Day: When you combine blackberry & plum you get a rich and compelling aroma, delicious fruity plum cocktail of berry top notes, hints of mint and fruits galore throughout with plum, peach, strawberry, apple and of course blackberry. 

Christmas Tree: This fragrance begins with top notes of pine and fresh lime; middle notes of cardamom and pepper; with a base note of Scotch pine. 

Dragons Blood: with warming notes of amber, incense and a touch of patchouli

English Pear & Freesia: a combination of fresh green pear and freesia with additional woody notes of amber, patchouli and cedar wood.

Frankincense & Myrrh: wander through the chapel and take in the heady aroma of frankincense, myrrh & cedar in this spirtual & uplifting scent.

Freesia: the aroma of freshly cut freesia flowers lifted by a sprinkling of nutmeg, rose petals and cyclamen.

Gingerbread: Sweet sugary top notes become the perfect companion to a spicy pumpkin gingerbread with heart notes of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. bottom notes of hazelnut and caramel.

Grapefruit Lime & Coconut: a taste of the tropics where balmy nights are highlighted by zesty grapefruit & lemon and mingled with coconut, lime leaf & musk.

Honey Bee: a yummy scent which blends crunchy toffee and sweet dripping honey with a touch of bergamot.

Hippie Christmas: an earthy blend of fresh patchouli, herbal sandalwood, with hints of strawberry and raspberry with a down of fresh vanilla and peppermint leaf.

Holly Berry: a wooded, flavourful rose mixed with pine overtones will remind you of Christmas throughout the year!

Incense: an ancient spice of the Middle East and Asia with sage leaf, cedar, cinnamon & clove enveloped in herbeous rosewood and myrrh with a beautiful blend of frankincense and musk.

Japanese Honeysuckle: a sweet flowering vine with one of the most loved floral scents.

Jelly Bean: The fruity fragrances of pear, peach strawberry and raspberry are mixed with powdery vanilla and musk sticks to cover all the colours in a packet.

Juicy Fruit: Smells just like Juicy Fruit chewing gum. Fruity opening with notes of orange, lemon, pineapple and banana, followed by star anise, clove and cinnamon and finishing with a sugar and soft wintergreen dry-down.

Kakadu Plum: Be uplifted by this robust, fruity fragrance! Notes of passion fruit, guava and melon are highlighted with fresh lime and rest on a base of coconut and tonka bean.

Lady Million: dazzling and seductive, a desirable composition of floral and fresh notes that features bitter orange, neroli and jasmine.

Lemongrass & Lime: the unmistakable natural, fresh citrus scent of lemongrass is combined with zesty lime, lemon peel and a soft floral undertone.

Lotus Flower: A delicate and spicy mix of white lotus, vanilla and patchouli that is both calming and sensuous.

LU$H Shoppe: a delightful fragrance designed to mimic the aroma of a Lush store. 

Marshmallow: Marshmallow is a sweet, feminine fragrance oil orchestrated with notes of musk, vanilla and jasmine.

Mistletoe& Ivy: this Christmas fragrance combines the stunning blend of Siberian fir, mistletoe and cedar leaf, encapsulated by climbing ivy, vetiver, frosted musk and sensuous sandalwood.

Monkey Farts: tropical banana covered with fresh citrus top notes with fruity accords of peach, coconut & jungle fruits.

Moon Lake Musk: a deep, yet balanced musk with notes of fern and orris, musk flower and woody base notes.

Motor Oil: The thick, viscous scent of engine oil is captured here. You'll catch yourself looking around for a mechanic shop.

Musk Rose: sweet powdery musk, pink sugar and delicate rose petals.

Nag Champa: an Indian fragrance commonly found in incense. It contains a large portion of sandalwood with notes of frangipani, patchouli, vanilla, musk and amber

One Million: a luxurious masculine aroma headlining blood orange and the spice of nutmeg and clove with a bold leather and woody base.

Peppermint Candy Cane: a "fresh off the Christmas Tree" candy cane scent. Get into the Christmas spirit with the classic, minty-fresh scent of candy canes. 

Pink Champagne & Exotic Fruits: delicious passion fruit and guava notes at the heart, and pink grapefruit adding a sweet richness to this complex blend.

Pumpkin Apple Butter: with top notes of orange, apple, pear, pineapple, and cherries; middle notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove; with base notes of warm vanilla.  

Rock Star: a fun, sweet, cotton candy like vanilla berry fragrance.

Rose Victorian: a nod to the sophisticated Victorian era with this classic floral tribute to the rose. An intense bouquet of red rose and rosewood with hints of heliotrope and African geranium.

Sage Flower: clean, fresh herbal notes of sage blended with trace notes of eucalyptus, hyacinth, jasmine and lilac with just a touch of cinnamon bark.

Sandalwood: a rich woody true to life Sandalwood 

Seaside Cotton: fresh ozony marine notes which blend nicely with romantic base notes of sheer musk and amber

Spiced Amber: red & black current accented by a touch of citrus and warmed with spices, woody amber and lingering notes of sweet musk. Infused with Orange & Cinnamon.

Spiced Maple & Citrus: top notes of orange and peach with a spicy centre of cinnamon and clove and an unexpected ending of maple syrup, caramel and vanilla.

Sugar Cookies: warm butter cookies, fresh from the oven with creamy notes of vanilla and a light sprinkle of sugar.

Strawberry Mango Tango: a juicy, effervescent, thirst-quenching aroma containing just the right amount of juicy, fresh strawberries, tropical white peaches, succulent mango fruit, juicy lemons, fabulous, red raspberries and 
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