Bubble Scoops

Bubble Scoops

Fun, fragrant, colourful and super bubbly.

Bubble scoops create lots of gorgeous bubbles, perfect for enticing the young and the young at heart into the bath.

Simply place the bubble scoop into an organza bag and tie it to your tap while filling the bath and you will be amazed by the amount of bubbles these little guys can produce.

Pink: Summer Melon - a delightful melody of watermelon, canary melon and cantaloupes, combined with delicious notes of crisp apple, pomelo and Japanese grapefruit and a light dusting of tonka bean.

Orange : Mango Sorbet - an uplifting, energizing blend of ripe mango, juicy lemons, and fabulous, red raspberries.

Blue: Mermaid Kisses - When ocean mist, sea salt, and feminine florals combine; you'll experience Mermaid Kisses, this fragrance begins with top notes of ocean mist, sea moss, and dewy cyclamen petals; followed by middle notes of geranium flower, water mint, and coriander seed; sitting on base notes of white cedarwood and earthy vetiver.

Green: Monkey Farts - a complex blend that starts with a subtle base of vanilla, then layered with fresh kiwi fruit, mango and bubblegum, finished off with top notes of grapefruit, banana and fresh strawberries.

Purple: Black Raspberry & Vanilla - a spirited combination of blackberries and raspberries head this alluring fragrance with pretty, white florals at its core, harmonised by resounding notes of creamy vanilla and luscious musk.

Yellow: Sparkling Citrus - Fresh citrus notes of lime and orange sparkle with effervescent highlights as they lead to a luscious blend of berry and cherry in this playful scent. Leafy green accents add intensity as a base of vanilla creates sweet tones for the fragrance.

Contains: Bicarbonate Soda, Cream of Tartar, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Fragrance, Colour, Love 25g each